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Every VIP member gets their own Astrian! Astrians are the main species of my world and currently this is the only way you can receive an official fan astrian (other than being gifted one). By Official, meaning your color and character design is officially recognized as valid for the Astria Galaxy. The neat thing about the VIP Astrians is that each patron has the ability to input into the design of their astrian as they watch he or she grow. Or sit back and let it be a total surprise.

So how does it work?

Once you become a VIP, a baby astrian will be created for you. Then every 9 months you remain a VIP, you astrian will grow a level.

(Did you see what I did there?)

So even if you pledge $1 or $100 everyone is able to have an astrian.





Adult (Astrian)


So how can a subscriber participate in their astrian’s creation?

Simple! Depending on the stage, a patron is free to give me ideas to base the astrian on! You can also link pictures of examples if you want.

Formation – whether it should be a boy/girl (you get what you pick). I will ask for 3 of your best traits, 3 of your weakest trait and what you feel you struggle with most (fear, anxiety, depression, doubt, gluttony, greed, etc…). This will shape your astrian.

Infancy – What styles of clothing you like, and any particular items of clothing that you are never without or would like to see incorporated. Also hairstyles you like (no matter how eccentric!).

Toddler and on – At this point the major things have been finalized, now is the time to start participating in challenges! These will show me what else you want incorporated into your Astrian officially and give you more of a hand in what comes next!

What if a subscriber leaves and come back?

I understand life happens and sometimes you have to take a break in your support. Your Astrian will stay in good hands while you are gone. When you come back, you pick up right where you left off. Meaning your astrian is always yours!

What happens once the Astrian is fully grown?

Oh the fun doesn’t stop there! There are secret levels beyond Celestrian that can be earned. Though these secret levels will only be able to be shown to Patrons until properly revealed in the story. Outside of this you can also unlock extras such as pets, weapons and more!


EXTRAS: Once your astrian has broken free from his/her aura (toddler and beyond) you will be able to participate in challenges. Each challenge earns you one of the extras. It is your opportunity to develop your astrian more and shape their powers and abilities.

SECRET LEVELS: Secret levels are earned through participation in challenges, creating art and/or writings using your astrian, as well as liking and commenting on Patreon posts.

BONUS: There will also be special events that will allow astrians a shot at having a cameo in the comic or other projects!

What can I do with my Astrian?

You are free to draw and do art of your Astrian, and use for personal purposes. You can post your art/writings on your website or places like DeviantArt or whatever as long as you credit me as the creator (and link to where applicable).

No commercial uses are allowed.

If you want to use your astrian for a particular project (such as a mascot for something you are working on) just let me know and we can work something out! Plus I love to link to things like that and it makes me feel good to know that you like them that much.

Because Astrians are my species, by owning an Astrian I retain the rights to use said character in any way commercially or non-commercially.This is stated because VIP astrians may end up in canon story roles.