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An Astrian Christmas Story part5 – FINALE

The strangest aura that popped was one that popped in a shower of laser beams. This light greenish-yellow astrian was one that Twisted would become the most familiar with. Unlike all the others, this astrian popped out with complete knowledge of an entirely different world than Astria. He was, a representative, rather than a guardian. Still, he needed to learn to control the lasers from his eye and hands as Twisted was trying to befriend him and dodging attacks and finding out it wasn’t easy. His name is Laser Lime.

Thankfully, the next astrian to pop immediately helped Twisted and laser. She expertly dodged every one of Laser’s uncontrollable firing by forming a sturdy shield from her tail feathers. These feathers though not a part of Silver’s Spectrum, seemed to be made from some kind of steel like material. She was a rare part of Golds Spectrum and her name is Rhodizite Gold.

In all the commotion no one noticed the green astrian who’d almost face-planted himself while trying to see what was in the biggest present box in the room. That is until the box tipped over under the weight and he was buried under Christmas confetti and random bits of ribbon and trimmings. He just sat there for a moment, with a bell ornament hanging off his nose. His name is Spinel Green.

He probably would have stayed there staring at the last astrian to pop who was giggling at him. This also green astrian hopped over to Spinel and instead of teasing him or helping him our of the pile, immediately dove behind him and into the pile too making a bigger mess of the trimming. This made Spinel laugh and the two proceeded to make confetti angels. His name is Venuviante Green.

As Red looked around the room, the day turned out better than she could ever imagine. She glanced up towards the heavens with a smile on her face, silently praying for the well being of every astrian present in the room as they grow and learn more about their purpose and calling. “Thank you Exalted One, may you continue to bless them all.” she whispered, “Amen.”

“High Ila!” yelled Kyanite Blue, “Come play with us!”

“Yeah!” added a few of the other toddlers.

Red grinned at them, “oh alright…” she mused.

the end.


Laser Lime is an Illuminant Astrian for Phenylketonurics. Pheny is massively kindhearted and very easy to talk to and is someone who has been very supportive of my work. I loved creating little Laser to represent their original stories. When i think of TNSTAJ and look at the artwork from it, all i see is that red star like symbol everywhere and just had to use it for Laser’s symbol. Also incorporated a few other little noticeable into his design… Looking forward to incorporating more as time goes on.

Laser Lime’s Full Profile

Rhodizite Gold is for my GREAT friend Geminic Blue. I can’t remember how long we’ve known each other but I’ve always looked up to her artistic talent and all the projects she works on. She is a supportive friend and a source of inspiration for me and I wouldn’t be where I am now without her. So happy that she is a VIP of mine now as well 🙂

Rhodizite Full Profile

Spinel Green is a semiprecious astrian for one of my newest VIPs, Tait. Tait has a wonderful artistic style and it was a true pleasure to be able to design this little one for him.

Spinel Green Full Profile


The last astrian, Venuviante Green is for a long time VIP, Nezcal Spindrake. He’s been there for me on different occasions and I’m so glad to have him as part of the team. Didn’t get a chance to draw his astrian but still wanted to make sure he was a part of the fun 🙂 Hope to get to his drawing here soon!

Venuviante Green Full Profile

3 thoughts on “An Astrian Christmas Story part5 – FINALE

  1. This was such a warm, silly, and utterly charming read, I love the life each of the Astrian’s exudes through their energies (and the designs are equally stellar — such pretty and detailed ones, check out Laser Lime!). I really love the playfullness of this Christmas gathering, everyone’s tremendously excited and sharing in a bubbly, fun moment. Happy Christmas!!

  2. — I am a simple person whose mind immediately went to “MY ASTRIAN IS A BIRDY I LOVE HER”
    Thank you so much <3 It's been nice to know you too, and it was really cool to finally meet you in person this year!

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