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An Astrian Christmas Story part4

Fudgeh and Apatite (once she finally woke up) comforted a bluish astrian which was having trouble with his confidence, having popped much taller than a normal toddler. They explained that being tall isn’t necessarily a bad thing which ended with Fudgeh dragging him out and trying to get him to dance with her, since being a teen she was his height. Neither of them knew how to dance so it ended up being quite a funny sight. His name is Kyanite Blue.

They were then interrupted by the sound of a slightly off-key song coming from the other side of the room. A brown astrian had found an old astrian hymn book and was trying his best to do his own rendition of “Nature”. Red made a mental note to introduce him to Titanium Yellow to get him some proper voice lessons. His name is Tiger’s Eye Brown.

The one thing none of them was expecting was a deep purple astrian to pop and immediately start flying around the room carrying a multitude of wind gusts in her wake. Tiger’s Eye seemed to have fun trying to chase her around, even though he couldn’t actually reach her in the air. It did, however, create a mess that Red had to end up cleaning afterwards. Her name is Tanzanite Purple.

to be continued…


Kyanite Blue Tranquility is dedicated to SuperJustinBros who is an Orange Tier Subscriber and hands down the #1 supporter of Astria Legends. From his retweets, shoutouts and just loving supporting nature, he supports not just AL but a multitude of other artists which just shows his love for creatives which is such a blessing. Thanks SBJ for being such a downright sweetheart!

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Tiger’s Eye is dedicated to DracoPlato who is the picture of dedication, talent and kindness. Running multiple comics, a magazine and taking part in other efforts to support artists only shows a bit of her golden heart. Even though we are no longer working together on any projects I still wish her the VERY best in everything and pray that God blesses everything that she puts her hands on. Merry Christmas Draco.

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NC Weber was my very FIRST patron/subscriber and has been a FAITHFUL sub for as long as I’ve had Patreon. He’s been more than a friend to me, and a constant positive influence to me and my art. I don’t even know how I could thank him enough just for everything he’s done for me. Thanks NC, for being a light in my life.

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