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An Astrian Christmas Story part3

“Why so sad High Ila?” asked Twisted, tilting her head to the side.

Red kneeled before two auras, inspecting all sides of them. One was a mix of oranges and browns while the other was a mix of greens, “Do you remember the Earth event when the angel fell, taking a third of the angels with it and into destruction? It was here that we were summoned by The Exalted One to not interfere but to be substitute guardian angels for select humans.”

“Whoa! For real?”

“During the war of angels, a few of us were sent to help. Ruby Red, Onyx Black, Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green, Moonstone, Garnet, and many other semiprecious colors took guardian roles in different places and served faithfully until our own tragedy happened.” Red said solemnly.

“What happened to them?”

“I… don’t know.” Red paused, looking away, “The semiprecious are equipped for guardian status, and most of the ones in this room are such.” She turned to look at them, “Once the SINs started swarming, it was even more important to guard the humans they sought to target.”

By now, the night was falling over the Spectrums and the glows of the auras became the only light in the room. “Wow, they are glowing super brightly…” added Twisted, totally distracted from anything Red was saying.

Red grinned, “As midnight draws near, the magic that happened on this day over Earth will be felt and realized in this room.” She whispered as the three of them sat and basked in the spirit of love that filled the room and soon fell asleep. On Christmas day, they group wasn’t disappointed, as quite a few of the auras did pop. The rest of this tale shows the highlight of the astrians the trio found that day and the humans they were created to protect.

The trio woke to the sound of glass crashing to the floor. Twisted was first to jump up, thinking one of the auras had been damaged. She found, instead, a bright blue toddler astrian tangled in the lights decorating the walls. She was about to interrogate her, before realizing that she’d fallen asleep right there in the pile. Red chuckled at the perplexed look on Twisted’s Face. Her name is Apatite Blue Determination.

to be continued…


Apatite blue Determination is a semiprecious astrian for my subscriber Anna. She’s a wonderful long time friend of mine and a Red Tier Supporter. Also a fellow creator we’ve shared many ideas over the years. One day we have to get back to that Dershe collaboration we started XD. Merry Christmas Anna!

Apatite Blue’s Full profile

These baby astrians are for our NEWEST Red Tier subscribers Dan and Ra respectively! These two are also LONG time supporters of Astria Legends and Dan is one of my top Voice Actors for the series! It’s great to have them aboard! Dan always floors me with just how involved he is in the community and helping out with projects and everything. I’ll never be able to thank him enough.

These two will get profile pages once they grow to infancy and their names are revealed.

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