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An Astrian Christmas Story part2

“High Ila,” piped Twisted sitting up in her pile of auras “Why does it feel so different in here?”

Red simply smiled “I already told you, the magic of Christmas is held closest to those who are closest to Earth.”

“You mean these auras?”

“Yes.” Red picked up one aura, it was a mix of purples and light blues, “This is the day that humans celebrate the birth of the Exalted One’s human Earth form. Have you learned this part of Earth’s History?”

“I have!” yelled Fudgeh, “I think Twisted is still too young.”

“I am not!” she yelled back, “But I haven’t heard it.”

“Of course, you would have learned more of the history of Ambrosia than of Earth, correct?”

“Ambrosia?” Fudgeh interrupted.

“I know almost everything about the history of Ambrosia from when I was in my aura.”

“Yes. Twisted here is a prime example of what I mean by Unity.” Red studied the aura closely, “You see we are energy, color, and there are more places than just here that have it. There are many worlds and many places who utilize the power of color even if they do not know it.” she turned to Twisted Lime, “It was then where we were first given a task that would take us outside the barriers of the Astria Galaxy. There would be auras blessed with the essence of planets beyond ours who would benefit by having it’s own guardian. These astrians would be known as Illuminants with their spectral distribution being the planet itself.”

“I’m the Illuminant of Ambrosia.” Twisted poked out her chest proudly.

Red smiled “Yes, which is why you wouldn’t have the knowledge of Earth’s History.” she held up the aura, “This one, is an Illuminant as well.”

“I want it to pop!” yelled Twisted as Red laughed,

“In due time little one.”

Fudgeh folded her arms “But…what does that have to do with Christmas Magic?”

Red placed the aura back in the midst of the others and whispered, “The magic of life, love and of birth. Because that birth was such a magical and life changing event in Earth’s History, that very same magic, can spread far and wide. Even within this room, where life, love and birth is present together.”

Fudgeh’s eyes widened, “So are you saying there’s a higher chance that auras will pop on Christmas Day?!”

Red nodded, “It’s a higher chance for those closest to Earth.” she picked up another aura, it being a mix of yellows and blues, “Which I should tell you about. The… Semiprecious.”

to be continued…


This baby astrian is dedicated to Shinivar on dA. She’s always had a positive attitude and has motivated me to keep going on multiple occasions. She’s earned the title of momma Tenor and wears it well. This is for you. Thanks for all you’ve done for me.

This Astrian will grow to be an Illuminant Astrian for her original series.

This baby semiprecious astrian is for BBQbert on dA. She was the founder of Twelve Gates, an all Christian digital manga magazine of which I was always proud to be a part of. The support from the group I met there as well as from her has never been matched. Her words and devotionals over the years have been invaluable to me and has helped me through a lot of my tough times. I still read them to this day. Her friendship means the world to me. BBQbert, this is for you. Thanks for be a wonderful friend to me.

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  1. The little Astrians are so pretty! AND ADORABLE, gosh. Again, I love how bubbly and curious the others are as they listen to the origin tale and of the importance of Earth’s Christmas. Beautiful!

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