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An Astrian Christmas Story part1

“There is something to be said about Christmas in Astria. Though The Exalted One didn’t grace us with the same story, some feel the magic is still prevalent in those of us who are the closest to those of Earth.” Red finished as she smiled down at little Twisted Lime and Chocolate Fudgeh.

“So…wait…are you saying some of us actually visit Earth?!” Fudgeh exclaimed.

Red laughed, “Of course.”

“But…why? They have their own Angels” Fudgeh added, following the two as they headed towards an opalescent door within Silver’s Spectrum. Red opened the door, her hand glowing white as she touched the center and flooding the three of them with a mass of white light. She glanced back at Fudgeh in the process.

“Unity.” The three went silent as they entered the room.

Inside, multiple colored lights bounced off their faces as they looked around. Sprinkled all over the floor floated many aura bubbles, each holding a baby astrian. Some were in formation stage while others had transformed into infancy stage, but all seeming to glow even more so tonight, as it was Christmas Eve. The ‘magic’ of Christmas seemed to be much more concentrated within the room. Red kneeled in the midst of them before glancing toward the door just in time to see Chocolate Fudgeh and Twisted Lime suddenly bound into the middle of a bunch of auras. “Fudgeh! Don’t go teaching Twisted your bad habits!” Twisted giggled on the floor, kicking her feet in the air.

“Hee! Those were all infant ones, their auras are very strong.” said Fudgeh.

“You sound just like your mom.”

to be continued…


Chocolate Fudgeh is a fan astrian created by ChaosEmpress on dA. She is a really good friend and I would care to say that she is the #1 fan of Astria Legends. She was given a main Ila Astrian in the story, she is Brown Shugah (and yeah, Chocolate is her daughter). I really wanted to draw a picture of Fudgeh but ran out of time. Still intend to do it though!. Merry Christmas Chaos 🙂 I cherish you always!

Chocolate Fudgeh Full Profile

Twisted Lime is a representative Astrian created for Orribu on dA. This lady here has been a MAJOR source of encouragement for me and my projects. I still remember the day that I was honestly close to quitting on Astria Legends and I go to my profile and she’d left some words of encouragement for me and she didn’t even really know me back then. But it’s always stuck in my heart. She is a friend I will always cherish.

Twisted’s symbol is a simplified phantom key. Read more about this ancient relic here

Twisted Lime Full Profile

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