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The Dawn of Unity Series

The Main Ongoing story in comic and novel form.

Astria; the world of living breathing color. Angels to some, protectors to others, the Astrians live as one with the universe, becoming anything it needs. Created by the Exalted One, they are the only protection between the galaxy and Sin. Some will overcome, while some give in. Their choices effect the overall UNITY; a delicate creature whose influence could destroy the galaxy. It is then that the biggest lessons are learned...

The absence of Unity has left a very destructive force. One that is feeding off the inhabitants of the galaxy. These SINs only know of one adversary... The Astrians. As the angels of living breathing color, they struggle to keep the force in check. Can the Astrians reignite Unity? Or will their discord ultimately destroy their world?

  • Age Range: YA / Adult
  • Rating: PG-13
  • Genre: Spiritual Fantasy
  • Novel: Exodus (Arc 2)
  • Webcomic: Arc 1 - Season 1
  • Next Print: Comic Issue #1 DELUXE
  • Next Novel: On Hold
  • Has a Sequel




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"This book was AWESOME! Never be fooled by the cover of a book! Genesis is an explosive story of vivid color, love, power, frienship, fighting for whats right, evil lurking and even sitting right next to you & SIN, yes how SIN corrupts everything, eating away like acid. Looking forward to seeing this on the BIG SCREEN one day."

– Shermona Bates (Genesis Novel)

A main character who is very likable and easy for a reader to get behind. She is strong and relatable. This is a very imaginative Fantasy. There was a lot of time to get used to the world that Amanda S. Reaves has created, but once I understood the world, I was truly invested.

– C.Gonzales (Exodus Novel)

This is the perfect read for fans of Fantasy mixed with a little bit deeper fiction. Amanda S. Reaves does a great job of adding depth and another layer to your typical Fantasy novel. Multi-dimensional characters really carry the story. They are great to get to know and I had a great time understanding their motives and going along for the ride with them. Amanda S. Reaves has a smooth writing style that is easy to follow and I enjoy the way she sets the scenes and pacing.

– Ever Leigh (Exodus Novel)

There are a lot of moving parts to this novel and it did take me a bit to settle in and fully understand everything that was going on. That being said, this is a very active novel. You wont want to put it down. Even when you aren't quite sure what is going on, you will want to keep flipping pages to unravel all of the mysteries. There were many surprises and the way that Amanda S. Reaves was able to keep the pacing just right really helps everything flow naturally.

– Bailey Ember (Exodus Novel)

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