The World of Living Breathing COLOR!


  • ZAVI
Average Life Span: 200 years.

The illura are a somewhat peaceful species in that they rarely leave their own civilizations. Each community has a Queen who leads them. For the males, it is the most high honor to be a Sentinel, a male who has been trained in multiple forms of combat and a very high standard of culture, chivalry, and etiquette. A Sentinel who shows potential will go through twelve years of vigorous training. Once the training is over, the Sentinel will take specialty classes according to what their job would be. Some remained the country’s leading line of defense, while others became the castle security, chauffeurs, and other numerous tasks.

The Serenda’s main purpose is to control and watch the natural balance of nature. To make sure that the species of the planet do not become extinct or overpopulate other species. The Exalted One bestowed on them the ability to understand all the flora and fauna of the planet they reside.
Their eyes are the same color as their Serendi color.
There are four types of Serenda: Creation (green or pink), Vitalize (blue or purple), Flare (orange or yellow), and Death (black or red).
Serenda nomenclature is that all of one set have similar name endings. The set becomes known by that ending. (example: The Va Sisters are comprised of Eva, Cva, Rva and Mva.)

The Zavi are the resurrected ones of those who died with evil in their heart. The evil and hate of the heart is reformed as a zavi. The zavi has no memories of its past and lives a completely new one.  
They are recognized by their skin, which come in a variety of different hues of green. They have long thin tails that end in an arrow-head shape. They also have large fangs.
Zavi have the power of Telekenesis, manipulation and increased strength. In their highest form, Ultima, they grow to 5x their original size and increase their strength.
In order to gain more Zavi for their planet, a few moved to other newly inhabited planets in hopes of turning the inhabitant’s evil and then killing them. The Zavi believe that any evil in power is a means of keeping their species in great numbers. They vie for any chance to make that happen.
After certain trials, called Zabials, the Zavi can go before the Counsel of Zen to become part of the Council. Council members are the strongest of all Zavi. They are the ones who judge any crime brought to them and have the power to strip a Zavi of their true form.

Taira are the most diverse species of all the others and also the most widely spread, having large populations on Zanali, Enkante and Illumina. They come in all colors, shapes and sizes, with a variety of ear and tail combinations.  The only noticeable feature about them is that they have no natural God-given influence of any kind. They would be equivalent to humans in this galaxy in that respect.

Taira are naturally curious creatures and are usually willing to try anything once. 

Taira age normally, unlike most of the species who live longer and physically age slower.

Their lifespan is about 200 years.