The World of Living Breathing COLOR!




ASTRIA : The official name of the galaxy.


ASTRIANS : Angels of living breathing color. Tasked with watching over the galaxy and keeping SIN under control.


CELESTRIAN FORM : an astrians full angelic form used anytime they leave Astria on a mission from The Exalted One. It is also used during any traditions or rituals performed in Astria. Celestrian form is when an astrians wings, astrian symbol, and true height are apparent.


FLUX : When Astrians flux, they merge with other Astrians together to become a new temporary Astrian in order to become stronger. Flux ONLY occurs between two or more Astrians and is ALWAYS temporary

General Flux rules:

All the Astrians under a particular Ila can merge with the ila to make him/her stronger.

Any merging that is legal on the color wheel is legal in this aspect too. For example, a red astrian and a yellow astrian can merge into an orange astrian. (but only if a Red AND Yellow merge). The red and yellow astrian could also merge together and become a temporary orange astrian.

Astrians can also merge to form a particular trait or aspect that is needed for a purpose, if that trait is symbolic of more than just one color.


FUSING : Fusing is merging with another Astrian to mate. Fusing can change the outward appearance of the Astrian merged into.


HUE : Term for a single Astrian.


PURE FORM : when an astrian is a shapeless mass of color, a glowing band of light that resembles a comet. This form is used when interlacing, flying and fusing.


SPECTRUMS : Where the Astrians live. It is split into eight monochrome sections that surround the planetary system. Each Spectrum is led by one of the Main Astrians.