Illustration Services

Prices are per hour. I use an application called 17hats to track projects as well as do time tracking. I require the prework fee prior to beginning work. If no prework is required for the project, then half of the first illustration payment is due upfront. Then full payments are required after each page/illustration is completed before the next page/illustration begins.


Clients will recieve a commercial license for all artwork. This is for publication purposes. If you would like to utilize the art for something other than within a publication this will need further discussion.



We will come to an agreement on a layout/idea for each illustration. The client will then see the sketch stage of each illustration prior to inking. This is the opportunity to make any changes/tweaks. Once the illustration is inked, any changes will incur an additional fee. The Client can request to see flat colors (for digital works) prior to final shading, for any color changes. Color changes at this stage incur NO additional fee. No changes are accepted once final shading has begun.

Please note that the time used to make changes is also counted towards time worked on the project.


Receive a 10% discount for projects that are 10+ pages.


Prework (if needed):
Character Sketches (for already developed characters, in my style) $10 per character
Full Character Design (for characters that are only concepts) $30 per character


Coloring Book

  • $4/hour
  • Medium: Digital Only
  • 3 hours per page average

Story Illustrations

  • 1 Illustration per page
  • Medium: Digital
  • No Background (default) $9/hour
  • Simple Background $10/hour
  • Detailed Background $12/hour
  • Colored Pencil +$3/hour

Comic Book

  • Medium: Digital Only
  • Only Colored Available
  • Flat Color (default) $10/hour
  • Simple Shading $12/hour
  • Full Shading $13/hour