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Become an Astria Legends Brand Ambassador

Take your support for Astria Legends to the next level by becoming a Brand Ambassador! As a Brand Ambassador you will become the voice of Astria Legends and be the expert point of contact in your community. Help Astria Legends inspire more people to live a purpose-filled life! Receive Advance Review copies of all books and comics in exchange for promoting curated content on your social media networks as well as photos, reviews and first thoughts.


A Brand Ambassador is a person who represents a brand in a positive light and by doing so help to increase brand awareness and sales. This person must have a genuine love for the brand and brand's purpose and be willing to show that passion, drive awareness and connect with the industry.


How Does it work?

Once you are approved, you will be asked to join the Team Astria Discord Server. There will be an Ambassador's only channels where we will keep track of the following:

- Exclusive curated content that ambassadors can copy and paste into their social media pages

- Links to reviews by ambassadors, that is ready to be shared

- Reminders for postings and Guidelines

- Updates on Advanced Review Copy shipments

- More

There will also be Friendly competiton between Ambassadors for challenges such as Most likes on a post or most shares. We want to have fun with this!

Ambassadors can also serve in other roles such as chat room moderators, on site marketing/sellers, and more...


Ambassadors who excel will be able to earn themselves their own Astrian, to be thier astrisona (persona) for the brand. These Ambassadors will be able to take part in In-Character local and online events and be even more involved with the Brand.


Ready to become a part of the Team?